We Are One Poem


We Are One!

One Breadth One Blood One Life

We Are One

One Mind One Heart One Soul

We are One

One Air One Water One Land One Fire

We Are One

Made by One God by One Breadth

We Are One

Forged from the Infinite Light of The Sun

We Are One

One Race, One People, One Love

We Are One

One With God One With Life

One With Love

We Are One

The Truth is we are ONE, we share more in common than are our differences, we breath the same air, live under the same sky, live on the same land and are fed by the Same Life.We have more in common than our differences and anything that divides and separates us is our way, it unnatural to our true nature and causes more harm to us than good. We Are One we share a Common  Destiny that will only come true when we come together. We Are One and this planet is our home and this work is designed to help us all remember so we can honor that reality. We have a lot to offer and need all the help we can get so we are calling on all to support and join us to get this work done. Volunteer, donate, share, spread the word, whatever you can so we can make this happen so that we can Become One.




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