For Life to be as it was meant to be

The Time Has Come

For The People to become FREE

The Time Has Come

For Us To Become “Hu” We Are

The Time Has Come

For Us To Become One

The Time Has Come

For The World To Change

There is a fight between love and hate for your hearts, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a fight between war and peace for your minds, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a fight between good and evil for your souls, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a war being waged against humanity and the state the world is in today is a direct result of that war. Corruption, greed, terrorism, racism, slavery, drug addictions, sexual assaults, violence are all direct results of this war. The way the World is structured, the divisions, its systems and institutions are all feeding this war.

We as human beings share common connections, connections that have been broken causing disruptions in our daily lives creating all the problems we see in the world today. Due to this connection when any life is disrupted, it affects us all no matter what part of the world the disruption occurs. The need to end these disruptions is a matter of global emergency. Of all the events disrupting our lives across the globe today war and violence are the most destructive.

In today’s world, war and conflicts dominate above all our problems and issues and when the wars end, 90% of  all our problems will also disappear. War and conflicts consume the greatest majority of all national resources and manpower placing heavy strains on the economy draining resources and wasting them all. War dominates the world today because the world as it is now is not organized as it is supposed to be and THE NEED for it to be changed back to what it is supposed to be IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR ENDING THE WARS TO ALLOW THE PEACE  WE NEED TO BE.


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    OneAdmin 2 weeks ago

    This space is where we’ll engage, debate, discuss this work as it takes place, One Love.

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